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Weego Technologies LLC
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+971 56 933 8749
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Bur Dubai - Trade Center 1 - Office 042-1603

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar contains the date, team and branch filters in addition to the Create Order Button and notifications.

Date Filter

This function allows you to jump to a specific day to see the orders and drivers’ activity of that day. The date filter is set by default to Today

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Team Filter

This function allows you to filter drivers of one or more specific teams. Dispatchers can only see teams assigned to them. Operators can see teams that handle the branch/es they are assigned to. 

image image

Branch Filter

This function allows you to filter the orders to one or more branches. Dispatchers can only see branches that are handled by their assigned team. Operators can only see branches assigned to them.

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Create Order Button

This function takes you to the order creation page, where you can create a new customer delivery order.

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Notification Panel

Notifications will keep you informed on the important things happening in the operation. This function is visible from any page. New notifications emit a sound to alert the user. 

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