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Updating Address Prompts


Updating Address Prompts

When completing an order, the system will inspect the map location of the order to verify the address. If the map address of the order was previously verified, and the delivery location was within the parameters of that address, the system will skip the address verification process. In all other cases, the system will send a prompt for action.

Order without a pinned location.

If the order has no set location on the map, you will be prompted to add a map address by pinning the location of the address. This will make it easier to reach the address during future deliveries.


To pin the address, a map will open up, and you can drag the PIN to the exact address location. You will be able to view your own location to match it with the address. Once done, click on Set.

Unverified Address

First time addresses are considered unverified addresses by the system. If you are delivering to a yet unverified address and:

  1. Are within parameters of the address when delivering - You will be asked to verify the address location on the map. You can still drag the pin to a more exact location, and once done, click on verify.

  2. You are outside parameters of the address - You will be prompted to update the address location on the map. Drag the pin to the needed location and once done, click on update.

You are outside the perimeters of a Verified Pin

You will be prompted to relocate the pin location.