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Platform setup


Teams & Drivers Setup


Teams & Drivers Setup

Teams setup

A team is a group of drivers who together serve a branch/kitchen or multiple branches/kitchens.

To setup teams and drivers, go to: Side Menu → Teams and drivers

To Create a new team, click on Add New Team 

To add a new team, give it a label and select the branch/es it serves.

Note: a team can be edited or deleted. To delete a team, you first need to unassign all drivers that belong to it.

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Drivers setup

To create a driver, click on Add Driver 

Fill in the required fields and click save.

Please note you can assign a driver to one team only.
Note: a driver can be edited, deactivated or deleted. Username once set cannot be changed. To delete a driver, first unassign any order that may be assigned to them.

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