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Users Setup

To setup the platform users, go to: Side Menu → User Management

Creating a User

To create a new user, click on Add New User.

Fill in the required fields and click save.

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Admin & Manager Roles

Users are two types:

An admin has full control over the system. They can also add or remove other admins.
A manager can manage branches/kitchens and/or a team of drivers. A manager has the following access level/s:
Create Orders (Operator): This function allows the user to create and customer orders for one or multiple branches.
Dispatch Orders (Dispatcher): This function allows a user to manage a team of drivers and dispatch orders to clients.
Read Branch Reports: This function allows the user to read the branch related reports.
Read Team Reports: This function allows the user to read the team related reports.
Note: a user can be edited, deleted or deactivated.

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